Plug & See

Become an eyewear addict
Stylishly dress yourself, stylishly dress your face

Plug & See it is a standardized shape of corrective lenses compatible with numerous different frames, color, material or design-wise.

With Plug&See, change your style anytime, in one clic !
Easily transfer by yourselves your lenses from a rounded frame to a rectangular one in a matter of seconds.

Like a cameleon, our concept enables you to adapt your glasses to your look, mood-of-the-day or activities.
Plug&See, it is a simple idea : Glasses become part of your wardrobe.

A simple system

In 1 click, switch from one frame to another one. Rectangular metal frames, round wooden frames…
all this with 1 pair of lenses…Have fun/Enjoy.

Our magnetic system facilitates the manipulation of our 2-parts frames.


Our first collection

Very soon discover new collections with new materials and collaborations with famous fashion-brands, artists & you !

Plug & See is a french company created in 2015

A « pure, simple and innovative concept » in the optical business : P&S corrective lenses are compatible with an unlimited number of frames. Our concept relies on 2 strong pillars : Add a funny-dimension in your customer experience and become a new type of consumers.

Plug&See is the 1st start-up from the Waoup initiative, a french start-up factory .

Plug & See revolutionizes the optical industry

Our unique frames renew the concept of frames, considered as a single object since it has been invented in the 13th century. Lenses and frames are dissociated components that everyone can easily manipulate.

With Plug & See, glasses become a true fashion accessory.

Glasses are no more considered as medical prosthesis but as fashion accessories.

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22 Chemin du Tronchon
69570 Dardilly, FRANCE
Tel : +33 (0)4 78 47 02 49
Mail : contact(at)

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